Investment - it's time to start being greedy

Whilst it may seem a bizarre time to be thinking about investing money, the words of perhaps the worlds most savvy investor (Mr Warren Buffett) should not be ignored.

For those that have not heard Mr Buffett’s mantra, it goes along the lines of “When others are being greedy, be fearful, when others are being fearful, be greedy”.

The recent collapse in global stock markets brought about by fears of the economic impact of Covid-19, has already provided investors with cash the opportunity to buy into the market at heavily discounted prices.

The crisis is still in it’s early stages and it is reasonable to assume that further investment opportunities will present themselves over the coming, days, weeks and possibly months.

Whilst the utopian situation would be to invest at the bottom of the market, there is one fundamental problem all prospective investors face and that is calling the bottom. It is not possible to predict either the utopian timing or pricing.

We at Abacus Wealth have expected a market downturn for some time (although not under the present circumstances) given the unusually long period (11 years) of the bull market until recent events took hold.

For this reason we have provided our clients with options of investing in reduced volatility funds and/or gradually introducing thei money into the markets over a period of time.

My following article explains why we follow this approach;

Consequently, many still have cash capable of exploiting the opportunities now becoming available.

We believe that for clients who are able and willing to:

  • invest for the medium to long term (5-10 years and beyond)
  • accept some risk to their capital


Contact us today to discuss how how we can help you take advantage of these opportunities and how our investment proposition can benefit you.

Darren Mills Dip PFS

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