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FAQ’s About Investment

Investment & Savings

It is one of those subjects shrouded in myths that seem to suggest you need a Master's degree to even think about making an investment. This need not be the case and listed below are some general considerations to discuss with your adviser when starting out on the process;

  • How much should I invest?

  • How often should I invest?

  • How do I decide how much risk I should take?

  • What is the difference between capital growth and income and does this apply to me?

  • How long should I invest for?

  • Where will my money be invested?

  • What currency should I invest in?

  • What fees do I have to pay?

  • What consumer protection will I have?

  • How can I keep track of my investments?

  • How easy it is to make changes to my investments including additional investments and withdrawals?

  • What about tax?

  • How does inflation affect my investments?

  • I have some existing investments. Is it possible for you to advise me about these?

Our Expertise

We take account of these issues (amongst others) when we advise you. Whilst it is impossible to remove all of the risks of investing, it is certainly possible to reduce them and we seek to advise you on this basis.

We have purposely not provided answers to these questions in recognition of the fact that every client’s situation is unique.

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