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Invaluable financial protection

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Personal Insurance

It isn’t always easy to work out exactly how much cover you need when considering the financial impact of losing either a wage earner or a stay at home parent. Not only must you think about ensuring your outstanding debts would be paid off, (including your mortgage, credit cards, overdrafts, hire purchase arrangements and any other loans), but also how much cover you might need to pay for things such as childcare, school fees or higher education costs. And that’s all before you think about utility bills, rates and day-to-day living expenses.

We offer a suite of options, depending on your requirements. These include:

  • Mortgage protection

  • Level term

  • Critical Illness

  • Income Protection

  • Family Income Benefit

  • Whole of life

At Abacus Wealth, we look to assess your personal and financial position to see if you could benefit from a life insurance policy. We will analyse your current assets, liabilities and financial objectives and establish whether or not there are any insurance shortfalls. Having financial protection in place will provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family can maintain the same standard of living you have now.

The cost of life insurance is directly linked to your age, your health and your lifestyle so the earlier you decide to address these important issues, the more cost effective it is likely to be for you. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation to find out which policy is best suited for you.


Non-Advised Sales – Mortgage Protection Policies

If you know exactly what you want and don’t need advice, Abacus Wealth can act as your broker and don’t have to provide you with formal financial advice. This removes the need for any meetings or sales calls. This service relates only to the setup of mortgage protection policies. If you can provide evidence of your outstanding mortgage term, outstanding mortgage amount, type of mortgage and interest rate, we will be able to execute a policy for you. For more details on our non-advised sales service, see here.

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