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Objective, impartial advice on your investment

Expert Wealth Management

Our Review Service

If you have investments in place and would like a review of them, we are here to help. As we are independent financial advisers, we offer objective, impartial advice on your investment portfolio. The main areas we consider are:


Investments can carry hidden costs or commissions. We look to ascertain what the total cost structure of your portfolio is by completing a detailed cost and charges review. We will find out exactly how much you are paying and see if we can recommend a more cost-effective alternative to you. If we cannot improve on your current arrangements, we will tell you so.


Many people set up an investment and forget about it, without tracking its performance and comparing it to an appropriate benchmark. Our review process looks back at how your investment has performed relative to its benchmark and peer group, to evaluate whether your investment manager is offering you value for money.


One of the most important aspects to consider when investing is risk. Have you completed a risk assessment before you made your investment? If not, you could be taking on more risk than you imagined or intended to take. The more risk an investor takes, the larger the fluctuation in value  he/she will see.  Conversely, taking on too little risk might not achieve the level of return you are seeking. We use a psychometric risk questionnaire to establish your risk profile and we provide you with investment recommendations considering your investment experience, attitude to risk and capacity for loss.


We always recommend that you invest over the long term and invest funds that you are not relying on for other purposes. For us, a long term strategy is one that consists of holding investments for a minimum of 5 years. This can include holding assets like bonds, stocks and shares, exchange traded funds or mutual funds. Taking a longer term approach requires more discipline and patience, but ultimately, the potential for higher returns is greater.